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Dragonfly trimarans have a history of innovation and quality, dating back over 50 years. Every Dragonfly trimaran has been proudly designed & built by the same family, in the same boat yard.

The selected models featured below are no longer in production, but remain popular in the British fleet of over 120 Dragonfly trimarans. Some of these are available via our Pre-Owned Dragonfly trimarans for sale page. For the full history of Dragonfly trimarans and Quorning Boats, please see the timeline on the About page.


Production: 1987 – 2005
No. built: 300+ (143 Swing Wing)
Versions: Cruising/Racing
Length: 8.00m sailing/9.00m folded
Beam: 6.00m sailing/2.90m folded
Mast section: 11.10m Cruising/12.10m Racing
Weight of standard boat: 1,100kg

Dragonfly 800 was a trailerable trimaran designed for fast and easy short-handed sailing. Initially built with full-width alloy beams, in 1989 the Mk3 version introduced the Dragonfly Swing Wing system, and this boat came to be regarded as a classic multihull.

The current Dragonfly 25 is a modern interpretation of this concept


Production: 1991 – 2002
No. built: 42
Versions: Cruising
Length: 9.95m sailing/11.50m folded
Beam: 7.60m sailing/3.90m folded
Mast section: 14.10m
Weight of standard boat: 2,700kg

Dragonfly 1000 was a big step for the company, as their first offshore cruising trimaran. It offered greater accommodation and comfort with standing headroom, plus an inboard engine.

Please see the Dragonfly 32 for our latest design of a similar size


Production: 1996 – 2008
No. built: 168
Versions: Cruising/Racing/Touring/Extreme
Length: 9.20m sailing/10.50m folded (Extreme: 11.10m)
Beam: 6.80m (Extreme: 7.80m) sailing/3.25m folded
Mast section: 13.10m C/R/T, 14.60m Extreme
Weight of standard boat: 2,150kg

Dragonfly 920 is a trailerable family cruising trimaran, but it has to be dismantled for the road trailer.
DF 920 Extreme was 1m wider, with 1.5m taller mast – winner of ‘European Yacht of the Year 2003 under 10m.

This model was superceded by the current Dragonfly 28


Production: 2000 – 2007
No. built: 18
Versions: Custom built
Length: 11.96m sailing/13.65m folded
Beam: 8.60m sailing/4.30m folded
Mast section: 17.20m
Weight of standard boat: 5,700kg

Dragonfly 1200 Ocean Cruiser was the flagship of our fleet for the new Millennium, designed for safe and comfortable blue water cruising. Each boat was custom-built to meet the demands of its owner, accommodates 7 people in 3 cabins and is easy to sail – even singlehanded. Winner of the Danish Design Award.

Please see the new Dragonfly 40 for our latest design of this size


Production: 2006 – 2019
No. built: 48
Versions: Touring/Ultimate
Length: 10.68m sailing/12.60m folded
Beam: 8.20m sailing/3.85m folded
Mast section: 16.00m/17.50m
Weight of standard boat: 3,900kg

Dragonfly 35 was designed for monohull sailors wishing to explore the world of performance multihulls. This innovative boat was a huge success, with 17 boats ordered before hull 1 was launched. Winner of European Yacht of the Year 2008 in the Multihull category.

Please see the Dragonfly 32 for our latest design of a similar size



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