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Dragonfly trimarans will redefine your expectations of sailing with their unique blend of performance, quality and comfort. They offer exhilarating 20+ knot performance yet are simple and responsive to sail – even solo.

Large trampolines create huge deck space and a Dragonfly floats in knee-deep water to access remote anchorages. Beautifully crafted interiors maximise comfort and on returning to the marina, a Dragonfly folds quickly and easily to reduce beam by 50% to access a single berth. These award-winning trimarans are designed and built by Quorning Boats in Denmark, a family business established in 1967.

Enjoy your visit to our website, and we hope you will soon discover how Dragonfly trimarans could unfold your horizons.



It may come as a surprise to hear many sailors talk about a Dragonfly topping their dreamboat wishlist. Sail one, however, and you understand immediately. These Danish trimarans fly, but they are also seaworthy and safe.

If you could set adrenalin and build a boat out of it, the result would be something like this high performance trimaran. Haul in the sheets, hold tight and enjoy 

It was perhaps unfair to compare the other boats against a Dragonfly. In virtually any breeze these Danish trimarans will outperform any other production yacht.

Why cruise at 6 knots when you can do 12, or 18 for that matter?


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