Dragonfly 40 Performance Cruiser is the new flagship of our range, and sets new standards in fast family cruising. The emphasis on easy handling and safe short-handed sailing.

The wide beam plus powerful, wave-piercing floats minimise heeling. However, they also slice cleanly through the chop for a smooth ride.

A spacious, dual-zone cockpit allows guests to relax around the table. Meanwhile all sailing controls are led aft to the working cockpit, where twin helm stations and a bank of electric winches allow easy and safe sailing. As a result, even solo-sailing is possible.

The stylish, modern interior in elm wood maximises cruising comfort, ensuring this boat sets new standards for fast family cruising. The cabin has 1.95m headroom, and the large table comfortably seats 8 to 10 people. Generous windows ensure a panoramic view, while multiple skylights maximise natural light and ventilation. Dragonfly 40 has separate forward and aft double cabins to maximise privacy. In addition, the portside seat quickly transforms into an extra double berth.

Dragonfly 40 is available in four versions, which all share the same accommodation but have different sized carbon rigs. Dragonfly 40 Touring has a self-tacking jib for easy handling. Meanwhile, Dragonfly 40 Ultimate has a taller carbon mast with an overlapping genoa, for higher performance. Both models can fly a Code 0 and gennaker from the fixed bowsprit, ensuring maximum efficiency and fun downwind. In addition, the bowsprit accommodates anchor stowage plus a retracting boarding ladder.

The float decks each have two large hatches, providing access to huge lockers for all your cruising gear. For example, extra sails, fenders and even mountain bikes. The optional stern hatch allows sea kayaks to be carried inside the float.

Dragonfly 40 becomes your own private island once at anchor. A huge, stable platform with space to spread out. The trampolines are perfect for relaxing in the sun, or for rigging wind- or kitesurfing kit. In addition, the kick-up rudder and centreboard reduce draft to just 0.7m, to access shallow anchorages. Therefore, you can enjoy those perfect spots denied to most other yachts.

On your return to the marina, Dragonfly 40 folds quickly at the press of a button to reduce beam by 50%. As a result it can be moored in a single berth, just like a conventional yacht.

Winner of ‘European Yacht of the Year 2021’ in the Performance Cruiser category. In conclusion, the jury described it as “the new benchmark in performance cruising”.

Winner of ‘Boat 0f the Year 2024’ – Best Performance Trimaran in the US. “One of the most exquisitely detailed boats we’ve had a chance to sail this year. It was just phenomenal”.

DRAGONFLY 40 CARBON – new for 2022

The new Dragonfly 40C Ultimate introduces carbon construction to the Dragonfly range. Key structural parts including the floats, beams, forward and aft structural bulkheads, plus centre board trunk are constructed in pre-preg carbon and cured in an Autoclave. This advanced construction reduces weight of the standard Ultimate by over 1,000kg, for a truly dynamic sailing experience.

Finally, we also now offer Dragonfly 40C Performance, which is based on the Dragonfly 40C Ultimate, but with an even taller and more powerful rig. This version is only intended for clients who want active sailing in the fast lane.

Fast, fun, incredibly well built. It’s the new benchmark in performance cruising

“The new flagship of the Danes reached 20 knots in the test with no effort … the range of action for cruising sailors is increased enormously!”

A fast sailboat, with an exceptional finish, and with which all programs are possible. Don’t look, it has no competitors.

One of the most exquisitely detailed boats we’ve had a chance to sail this year. It was just phenomenal.

The Dragonfly 40 Ultimate is a work of art inside and out, and when the sails are up, this tri flies.



Length overall centre hull12.40 m12.40 m12.40 m12.40 m
Length waterline centre hull11.50 m11.50 m11.50 m11.50 m
Length folded14.17 m14.17 m14.17 m14.17 m
Beam sailing8.40 m8.40 m8.40 m8.40 m
Beam folded4.00 m4.00 m4.00 m4.00 m
Draft, centreboard down2.20 m2.20 m2.20 m2.20 m
Draft, centreboard up0.70 m0.70 m0.70 m0.70 m
Bowsprit fixed length0.75 m0.75 m0.75 m0.75 m
Engine, std (option)40 hp (57 hp)40 hp (57 hp)40 hp (57 hp)40 hp (57 hp)
Mast section, carbon17.50 m19.00 m19.00 m20.50 m
Mainsail65 m275 m275 m283 m2
Self-tacking Jib25 m2(27) m2(27) m2n/a
Furling genoa(33) m238 m238 m244 m2
Code 0 furling65 m280 m280m290 m2
Gennaker110 m2140 m2140 m2150 m2
Weight of standard dry boat, sail away5,800 kg5,800 kg4,800 kg4,800 kg
Max weight, incl. crew9,000 kg9,000 kg8,000 kg8,000 kg
Max crew for CE -Category A6666




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European Yacht of the Year 2021


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