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To receive further information about Dragonfly trimarans, please complete the following enquiry form, which will email your enquiry to us.

Alternatively, please contact Al Wood at Multihull Solutions via the following options:


Telephone: 01243 370707 .:.

Email: info@multihullsolutions.co.uk



Please note: As UK Dealer, we only supply new Dragonfly trimarans to UK clients. For other regions, please locate your local Dealer via the Dragonfly website


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To enable us to send you the most appropriate information, please complete the following short questionnaire:


I am interested in the following current Dragonfly models:

Dragonfly 25 - Weekend Cruiser & Racer

Dragonfly 28 - Family Cruiser & Racer

Dragonfly 32 - Performance Cruiser

Dragonfly 40 - Luxurious Ocean Cruiser


Previous models (available used only):

DF 800: DF 920: DF 1000: DF 35: DF 1200:


Is your primary interest for a new or used boat?



Anticipated date of purchase:



To help us advise which Dragonfly best suits your needs, please indicate your primary sailing plans:

Trailer-sailing: Weekend/Sport-sailing:

Coastal cruising: Offshore: Ocean cruising:

Inshore racing: Offshore racing:


Approximate budget for your next boat in GBP?


If you currently own a boat or would like to ask any specific questions, please give details below:


Please check the relevant boxes below to confirm your consent for us to send you further information about Dragonfly trimarans by either:

You have the right to amend this consent at any time


Finally, please select one of the buttons below to either send or reset the form:

We are registered under the Data Protection Act, so rest assured the details you provide will only be used to keep you informed of Dragonfly news and will not be passed on or used to pester you about other products or services. Please see our Privacy Policy

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